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Coaching for those who want to start a movement,

even if that is just within themselves

Did you know my commute to work is 2 hou

Hey Y'all,

Kristine here!

Out of my passion for serving others and the desire for sustainability for my nonprofit's work, I have created a "Be YOUR Change Tool Kit" and BYC Coaching Program to equip My Tribe with the skill sets I had to master in order to start Be the Change from scratch, buy an existing company, start this company, while keeping my priorities straight & excelling at all-the-things.

I know Change is not easy, but is necessary. So join our tribe to discover & overcome what is holding you back from starting your movement & know you do not have to do it alone. 

Your current skill set and belief system have already taken you as far as they are going to. That is why you should always be looking for ways to change

- Tom Bilyu

Be YOUR Change

Tool Kit


-Build more Travel in Your Life

-Learn to honor your priorities


-Learn to Create a Budget


-Develop a Debt Pay Off Plan


-Become a To-Do List Pro


-Learn to Juggle All-the-Things

Learn More
Learn More
Learn More

- Learn to Exude Confidence

-Leave your temper in the past

Learn More
STart something that Matters

-Start something from Scratch


-Start a movement in yourself

Learn More

Determine Your Change plan

100% of Proceeds


Go to Funding


Be the Change Global Outreach  

You don't have to do it alone.

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