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Day 6|Fed Up| PH 2019

This day was the second Big medical mission. This was another nightmare of a day. More politics. More headaches. More caring about t-shirts that actually being of assistance. More demands rather than gratitude for what was provided. More pushy impatience.

So much so that I had to leave.

I physically had to walk away from the clinic overwhelmed and utterly disappointed.

The way Danna put it is that the rest of the team saw it as a success; as a smooth day. No one sees the politics and the mess and lack of gratitude that I see as the leader.

And maybe you can see the trend just from these blog post? God was clearly showing me the initially closed doors on day 1 were intentional; It showed me there ARE better ways to go about serving communities in need that doesn’t have to be infested with politics. God bombarded me with the ugliness of the politics to make it clear that time and effort IS being wasted in areas that are taking away from focusing on the patients and ensuring we are serving them in the best way possible.

James joined me on this walk and just let me pray and sit in what God was trying to show me. It was SO hot that we pulled into this little shop and after sitting there for quite a while, we began to speak with the store owner.

We asked him what areas of the Philippines needed our help the most. What services were needed the most and other eye opening questions. I got to take a second and interact with the kids just getting home from school. It brought me back to reality.

Changes are coming. And from what little God has revealed to me, these changes are going to take a lot of work, but are so necessary.

I am thankful for the closed doors and the clear lessons He threw in my face to learn from.

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