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Day 7- Changing it up

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

I am thankful for mistakes.

I had booked us a room at the hotel that we were considering to book for our team, so that we could explore the nearby area, determine the best place to eat and nearby things-to-do.

Turns out I booked the wrong hotel room thinking it was another one haha! But thank goodness I did that now with just one room rather than multiples for a large group! Because the customer service was nice, the picture were deceiving, toilet wouldn’t flush and they thought it was acceptable to do construction late at night.

It sufficed to allow us to discuss the program logistics and modifications needed after yesterday’s meeting with the Mayor and was close enough to SM mall to unwind afterwards.

  • Now that we know the locations, we looked at what type of commute would be required and discussed if that would even be realistic to make 5 days a week, especially having to rely on public transportation

  • We discussed location options of where we would hold the “clinic visits” since we would be traveling to the patients VS having a central location that our patients have to travel to

  • We established dates for the May/June trip and modified the “back up dates” because it would have conflicted with the Philippine’s Independence Day (June 12)

  • Set goals and action item timelines

  • We completely restructured our Trip Itinerary in the following ways because the mobile Laboratory who will draw the baseline labs would need to come and it could get complicated with the other patients only seeing some receiving these additional services.

  • Plus we wanted more time to spend with each patient to educate and collect the necessary information. This set up still allows the enrolled patients to still partake in the medical mission days

As we walked to SM Clark Mall, we stopped by the hotel I meant to book, asked for group rates and physically looked at rooms to make sure what was shown on line was really what we would get. They showed us their food menu and we documented all the nearby shops and food. All we has to do from that hotel was walk across the street to the Mall, which is super convenient.

The exchange rate was the highest I had seen it the whole trip literally right next to the hotel as well.

24 hour convenience store

Nearby market

Fresh fruits market across the street

Affordable Grocery Store next door to the Money Exchange

Drug Store if we happen to run out of medications

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