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Day 7- Part 2: Dog Feeding Escapades

I arrived to my parents house in the Philippines greeted by two adorable puppies. The white pup came directly up to the gate and was visibly much more lively; the brown pup was very lethargic looking and incredibly skinny.

The first question I asked was “Whose dogs are these are who is taking care of them?” My aunt and uncle live across the street and they keep them at my parent’s house to keep them separated from their German Shepherd.

My uncle came over to feed them one morning and as we were talking, I heard a brawl going outside and saw that the white pup was pinning the other one down growling. I could only assume he didn’t want the other eating the food? Because with how tiny he was, it made sense.

The next morning I tried giving them some bread and at first the brown pup started to eat it. I went back inside to work on a few things and I come outside to the other one eating the bread I had given the brown one!

I had leftover rice from lunch that afternoon so I attempted to try and feed the brown pup some rice. He wouldn’t touch it. But the other dog was all over it. So I tried putting the white pup in the dog kennel and still the brown pup wouldn’t touch the rice!

Pam had the great idea to buy some milk and add it to the rice. AND IT WORKED! Slowly the brown pup drank the milk but left the rice. We came home from running errands and the white pup was nice and plump and all the rice was gone haha.

I did notice that the brown pup would scratch at it’s face after drinking, so I thought maybe it had something wrong with its mouth that prevented him from eating solids.

When we came back from running errands- guess what happened! We were greeted at the door by BOTH pups wagging their tails! That was a first for the whole trip and made my heart smile that he was gaining energy back.

On the drive home from dinner, we tried to stop at the vet to see if there was anything medicinally we could give to the pup, but it was already close. We had leftover fried rice from dinner and the next morning we tried given it to them and the brown pup finally ate solids!! It felt like such a huge accomplishment.

My aunt arrived from the US who can speak Tagalog. She said she will take the pup to the vet to see if there is something more serious going on. Praying for this pup to gain full health by the time we come back next!

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