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I accidentally pressed publish.

I accidentally pressed publish.

There is no doubt we all are going to look back on my initial website design and think,

“Aw bless her heart!”

But y’all…! I freaking developed it out in less than a DAY!

And for those of you who know me well, my life motto is “Jump in and Learn as You Go”. And on this trip I realized there is more to that motto and have expanded it to “Jump in and Learn as You go, Ducks don’t have to be in a row.”

I literally sat down yesterday morning, took the blog website I had created a while back, deleted everything but the actual blog content and just started chugging away. One. Page. At. A. Time.

I could have sat here in Thailand all week just brainstorming and trying to get all the details together, building out all the content before starting the website, but nope. I knew I just needed a starting place and honestly I was tired of putting all my ideas in a google doc and making sketches in my notepad.

I just needed to do.

So my initial thought of “opps!” when I pressed “Publish” instead of “Preview” was kind of pointless because I knew the next step would be to publish so I could get feedback.

And I am human, yall.

Even though my motto is “Jump in and Learn as I go”, I still had the initial urge to hide what I am doing until it is completely polished and perfect. I know as I continue forwards I will gain more clarity on what it is that is freaking lighting my heart on fire and as that clarity comes, the whole game plan, or platform or complete website design may entirely change.

But that is okay.

It is such a crazy mindset that the world has engraved into our minds that we have to be PERFECT rather than wholeheartedly understanding that we are a PROCESS and that is O.K.

So I found myself really clinging to this quote:

“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong”- Joseph Chilton Pearce

Because what I am setting out to equip others to do is exactly what I am doing as I accidentally press publish sitting in Thailand writing about the website I built in less than 15 hours.

  1. Choose Joy: Build more travel in your life and discovery your story

  2. Start something that matters, whether that be a nonprofit or business or give yourself permission to realign

  3. Attain Financial freedom through budgeting and paying of loans

  4. Amplify productivity through being a freaking BOSS at To-Do Lists & Juggling all-the-things

  5. Managing Emotions to where to are the most confident version of you that treats people the way they deserve

Just in what I am doing in this very moment, let me show you how I am literally living each of the numbers above:

  1. I’ve created a life where I could spontaneously buy a ticket to be here in Thailand right now in order to find clarity with my story, purpose and next venture

  2. I am building out sustainability for the nonprofit I started and had to realize there is a lot of things I am going to have to outsource know in order to realign my life and focus to this next venture.

  3. It is because of the financial freedom I’ve attained in life that any of the above was possible

  4. 3 am wake ups without an alarm, built out a business idea in less than a week, built out a website in less than a day. Productivity is my jam.

  5. I have to fight the lies just as much as anyone else does and clinged to knowing I am not wrong, I am just in process

Want to know the biggest reason I am able to find freedom from the pressure to be perfect or to have to have a huge response to this business model

100% of the proceeds goes towards Be the Change.

Because I don’t have to work 40 hours to get a paycheck to pay bills, I get to spend my time equipping people with the tools that have become second nature to me. Because they are so second nature now, I have no doubt the potential impact all this can have. So the pressure to have to be an “expert” at all the things (which is the biggest feedback I am getting) is just melting off rather than weighing me down.

If no one looks at my material, if no one invites me to walk alongside of them in this journey as their coach, that is okay.

Funding will come from somewhere. God Provides. And plus I want to be about quality over quantity. SO even if this goes in the opposite direction and blows up, I would rather so profoundly impact one life than to strive for the numbers.

But think about it: When I eventually get my online courses from paper to out-there and people do start inviting me on their journey, whatever people do “pay” will be tax deductible (so essentially free!) and will be impacting lives around the world ALL THE WHILE they are impacting their own lives.


Pressing Publish.

Not having any content or all the button linked on my website.

Not knowing if anyone will respond.

Knowing my approach to all this and my website could potentially change completely

You are welcome to check it out. This is not an official “launch”, but in a way it kinda is haha. FEEDBACK IS WELCOMED!! I love me some feedback.

Its funny because the actual website address will probably change by the next time I write to yall, but hey, we aren’t called Be the Change for no reason :p

It is all okay because you get to see this journey.You get to see that what I want to share with people is literally what I do every single day of my life. You get to join me on this journey as I get to join others on theirs!

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